About Global Maritime Club

Global Maritime Club is a private membership club for senior management representing ship owners, ship operators and ship management, within which members work closely together to promote, protect and develop the global shipping industry.

Through Global Maritime Club, our members can connect with one another through strategic networking opportunities and closed-door leadership roundtables. They’re empowered to make sound business decisions with access to critical market intelligence while sharing their own indispensable insight through ground-breaking research projects. Together, our members are able to tackle the challenges facing the industry, stimulate innovation and proactively drive positive economic growth.

Established in 2018, as Seatrade Maritime Club, Global Maritime Club pulls on over 50 years of heritage from within the Seatrade brand and works closely in tandem with Seatrade Events, Seatrade Maritime News and the wider Maritime by Informa Markets Vertical.


Through Global Maritime Club, it is our objective to:

  • Enable open conversation on the challenges facing the global market that has the power to drive positive change 
  • Cultivate growth opportunities that benefit the wider industry by connecting key stakeholders and leaders with exceptional suppliers
  • Share knowledge, insight and analysis that enables our members to make informed business decisions
  • Provide live, digital and hybrid experiences that empower our members to both build and strengthen relationships

Join Global Maritime Club

Applications to join Global Maritime Club are currently open.